Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme. Series 4.


On beautiful smooth (with some ridges obviously) vinyl.

First broadcast February 2018.

This has been in the pipeline for a bit and is finally ready to go. It’s Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme, series 4 (weirdly), which is the last but one (again weirdly) series. With thanks to everyone who made it possible, those who recorded the show in Wales, those who did the artwork in Cornwall and the people at Demon Records and the good old BBC for doing the tricksy admin. It’s a double album, with four eps: Continuity, Cuisine, Under The Stars and Cars. With Tom Basden, Katy Wix, Sally Philips, Mike Wozniak, Lucy Pearman, Jonny Sweet and Simon Armstrong. Produced by James Robinson and artwork by Emily Juniper.