Firstly we'd like to thank our customers that have placed orders with us for your patience and support during these difficult times. We feel very lucky that we’ve been able to keep going.


The current high demand for orders, reduced staff to maintain self-distancing, and delays in our delivery networks, means that orders may take longer than normal to be dispatched and also longer in transit. We are working hard to speed up the dispatch time. But please be patient with the delivery especially if you are in an international destination. We are a small artist press and generally please allow at least 10 working days for orders to be dispatched.

We have a distribution contract with CBL who will do the lions share of the books  and playing card distribution. Orders for other stock (Currently the LP) will still be processed from our studio. In both instances we are human beings.

Customer Service

If there are delays in response times - Please be patient - we really are going as fast as possible, while we do check our Instagram messages we are horribly lo-fi here and email is probably safer. The inbox isn't manned 24 hours a day. 

Tracking Orders

You have an option for your postage at the checkout stage. We know that we all have different needs for speed or economy. Let us know if the option you want isn't available, we've cut back what we offer - but if it's for a birthday, special occasion or other comic fiction emergency we will go to more or less any human length to get it to you. 


UK couriers and postal services are running with reduced staff and this is resulting in some delays.

Please be aware that due to a reduction of transit routes and increased border controls, delivery is now taking longer than normal. Royal Mail are experiencing unplanned and unpredictable staff shortages - these muddle things up and mean delivery times are not reliable.


In the early stages of Covid 19 some of the manufacturers and suppliers we used closed to re-jig stuff. When they opened (with reduced staff) we were able to re-stock. We are now well stocked & do not envisage any severe shortages for the foreseeable - though - one off shoot is that packaging can sometimes be a bit improvised - but really that means we’ve upped our green credentials.



Our on line service is very busy and currently running, but with delays.
The Customer service team is one and the same as the dispatch team so there is a balancing act. Time is switched between the two processes, we make posting a priority while we are running with a back log.

Our bespoke service is currently not available.


Our Ponsanooth shop is closed to the public.
It is operating with a single staff member and following government safety guidelines strictly.

Work Safety Statement

Whilst doing everything possible for the wellbeing of our staff and customers, we're continuing as best we can to deliver.

We’re currently trading but we continue to review this several times a day in the light of advice from the government, continuing developments with the pandemic and, not least, in consultation with the people effected by our premises being used.

We know esoteric playing cards and poetry books aren’t essential in regards to physical health but we do think they play an important role in our mental wellbeing, especially for people in isolation. We love the idea of being able to get some silliness out there. And are moved by how many orders are gifts for loved ones.

In order to facilitate a safe environment, we have closed our shop space and so stopped any physical interaction with the public. Our staff are working from home where possible, or in isolation in our Falmouth Studio. The studio is disinfected regularly.

The current government guidelines encourage online businesses such as ours to stay open.

On line was not our major focus, but has become very busy, and we are evolving as quickly as we can. We continue to monitor government advice as soon as it is published and we will act accordingly when instructed.

Royal Mail Parcel Safety Statement

'Public health authorities have advised people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. This complements the highly publicised guidance from public health authorities for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water.'

– Shane O’Riordain, Managing Director of Marketing, Regulation And Corporate Affairs, Royal Mail