Poetical Playing Cards


52 playing cards / smothered in verse / difficult phone conversations & lacquer.  

Tim Key’s poems presented in their rightful home, a deck of playing cards. You can hold these (traditional poker sized) beauties in your hands and fawn over them, shuffle them or play canasta. 

Chris Morris Likes them. Frank Skinner likes them - & he even said so on the radio. You don’t need another endorsement do you? & if you did I would tell you they’ve got their own Horne Section jingle. (Can any other playing card pack in the world boast that?) Oh yeah and Scroobious Pip thinks they're beautiful.
This is the fourth printing of the first edition - and we are very proud of it.

This 'book' was the first and best test of our ambitions to make beautiful paper things connected to performance. If you’ve ever been to see Tim Key you’ll have enjoyed watching him pull playing cards from various pockets, & deliver his trademark avant-garde verse, or you might have seen his glorious instagram posts - a natural showman - he is staging his work all the time. And you’ve probably thought ‘I want one of those poems on a playing card!’

Well, thats where we’ve put them. On playing cards, inside a gold foiled box with a riso printed label.

Each box is hand finished and carefully wrapped in glassine paper before being sent out to you.

ITEM: Boxed set of 53 gloss laminated playing cards.
PUBLISHER: "Utter" & Press
ISBN: 978-1-9162226-2-5
DIMENSIONS: 25mm x 68mm x 94mm